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Caribe Construction has been fixing building code violations and providing insurance repairs since 2000.  Most repairs are because of hurricanes.  During times of destruction, repairs are made quickly with whomever is available to do such repairs.  Often, permits are not pulled and even though the work is done perfectly, the fact that no permit is issued creates a violation.  Other times, permits are pulled, but for a multitude of reasons, the work is never inspected and the permit remains open or expires after a period of time.  Not addressing a violation can become a very expensive business decision; the property can incur fines and possible liens.





We are a professional licensed and insured Florida Contractor serving the South Florida community since 2000. We focus on Building Code Violation Repairs, Remodeling Properties, Insurance Repairs,  and 10/40 Year Recertification Repairs.


Miami-Dade and Broward Counties are especially focused on violation and permit issues, because they are located in the HVHZ zones (High Velocity Hurricane Zones) and have more stringent requirements, due to a higher degree of regulation required in the Florida Building Codes.

Building Code Violation



  • Building Code Violations

  • Unsafe Structures

  • Insurance Repairs

  • 10/40 Year Recertifications

  • Remodeling

  • Roof tarping

  • Hurricane mitigation

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Obtaining a permit is necessary and essential before starting any work, this prevents you from receiving any violations, citations, or liens on your property. Contact our staff at Caribe Construction for the solution to all construction projects.  We are the experts in resolving Florida Building Code issues.

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